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Executive Education

As artificial intelligence and digital transformation become widespread across all industries, many companies are thinking about changing their business models and value chains, but are unsure about what to changes are required and how to manage those changes. This course provides a framework for companies to identify new opportunities to enhance their business using technology.  The course will guide executives to find the “right” strategy for their value chains and product offerings, to identify where machine learning and AI can add “most” value, and to lead the organisation through the change journey.  

  • Entrepreneur beyond Exit (link coming soon!)

Successful entrepreneurs have been driven with a clear purpose and goal to achieve a point in which they exit their venture and make a lot of money for their investors, employees and themselves.  As such, they are used to drive their business, make decisions, get a wider group of stakeholders lined up and charge ahead. During and after the exit, however, they have to deal with stepping out of their own business, figure out what to do with their money, and deal with tax liabilities.  For some, the natural transition in their careers (to leverage their expertise and experience) is to become investors in other ventures. All this requires taking on a very different role. What’s next and how to adapt? This course is a unique opportunity to meet true peers in the same situation and to learn and re-focus their future plans as investors.  


Data Science Advisor.  Sep. 2021 – Dec. 2022

I advised the design and development of algorithms that can overcome the challenges of poor quality and quantity of data in procurement setting to automate spend analysis and synchronize supply chains.


  • IDEO Business Innovation Certificate, July 2021

  • ExperiencePoint Certified Facilitator, July 2021

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