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Research Interests

  • Entrepreneurial Operations and Marketing

  • New Product Development and Innovations

  • Business Analytics

  • Time Management


  • Tang, C., Y. Deng, W. Wang, O.S. Yoo. 2023. Can third-party sellers benefit from a platform's entry to the market? Accepted, Service Science.

  • Tang, C., O.S. Yoo, Y. Huang. 2022. Peak-hour pricing under negative externality: Impact of consumer flexibility and competitive asymmetry. Articles in Advance, Service Science. (link)

  • Yoo, O.S., D. Zhan. 2021. Economic behavior of information acquisition: Impact on peer grading in MOOCs. Articles in Advance, Operations Research. (link)

  • Yoo, O.S., T. Huang, K. Arifoglu. 2021. A theoretical analysis of the Lean Startup product development process. Marketing Science 40(3), 395—412. (link)

  • Yoo, O.S., K. McCardle. 2020. The valuator’s curse: Decision analysis of overvaluation and disappointment in acquisition. Decision Analysis 17(4), 299—313. (link)

  • Vanneste, B., O.S. Yoo. 2020. Performance of trust-based governance. Journal of Organization Design 9 (1), 1—28. (link)

  • Huang, Y., B., Gokpinar, C. Tang, O.S. Yoo. 2019. Selling innovative products to anxious consumers. 2019. Ray, S., Yin, S (eds.), Chapter 5 of Channel Strategies and Marketing Mix in a Connected World, Springer. (link)

  • Huang, Y., B., Gokpinar, C. Tang, O.S. Yoo. 2018. Selling innovative products in the presence of externality. Production and Operations Management 27(7), 1236—1250. (link)

  • Yoo, O.S., R. Sarin. 2018. Consumer choice and market outcomes under ambiguity in product quality. Marketing Science 37(3), 445—468. (link)

  • Huang, Y., O.S. Yoo, B. Gokpinar. 2018. Time allocation in entrepreneurial selling: Impact of customer learning and incumbent reaction. IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management 65(4), 590—603. (link)

    • Special Issue on entrepreneurship: “Shortages of Resources, Routines, Reputations or Regulations: Threats or Opportunities for Tech Entrepreneurs.”

  • Kwon, H.D., O.S. Yoo. 2017. Retention of new capable employees under uncertainty: Impact of strategic interactions. IISE Transactions 49(10), 927—941. (link)

    • IISE 2019 Operations Engineering & Analytics Best Paper Award Honorable Mention

  • Yoo, O.S., G. Roels, C. Corbett. 2016. The time-money tradeoff for entrepreneurs: When to hire the first employee? Manufacturing & Service Operations Management 18(4), 559—569. (link)

  • Yoo, O.S., C. Corbett, G. Roels. 2016. Optimal time allocation for process improvement for growth-focused entrepreneurs. Manufacturing & Service Operations Management 18(3), 361—375. (link)

    • Finalist of 2009 MSOM Soc. Stud. Paper Competition, M&SOM 12(1), 184—187.

  • Caro, F., O.S. Yoo. 2010. Indexability of bandit problems with response delays. Probability in the Engineering and Information Sciences, 24(3), 349—374. (link)

Selected Working Papers

  • When should grocery stores adopt time-based pricing? Impact of competition and negative congestion externality (with C. Tang, D. Zhan). Under minor revision, Production and Operations Management.

    • Featured in the Wall Street Journal, page R4, February 20, 2018

  • Spend analysis 4.0: Revolutionizing procurement practices using natural language processing and machine learning (with X. Li, V. Culmone, B. De Reyck). Under revision.

  • Can an E-commerce platform and its third party sellers benefit from each other's market entry?  (with C. Tang, Y. Deng, W. Wang). Under 2nd round review.

  • How entrepreneurial incentives and investor perceptions distort product development and funding of Lean Startups (with K. Sudhir). Under review.


  • UKRI Innovate-UK (Sustainable Innovation Fund for post-COVID economic recovery).

    • Principle investigator. Improving large-scale British procurement practices using analytics (project cost £165,541).  Oct. 2020-Jun. 2021.

Invited Talks

  • Johns Hopkins Carey Business School, April 2023 (scheduled) 

  • David Eccles School of Business, University of Utah, February 2023

  • McDonough School of Business, Georgetown University, October 2022

  • Robert H. Smith School of Business, Univ. of Maryland, October 2022

  • Scheller College of Business, Georgia Tech, October 2022

  • KAIST​ College of Business, August 2022

  • Panelist, Entrepreneurship Issues Forum, Kauffman Foundation, July 2020

  • SNU Business School, Seoul National University, August 2019

  • KAIST College of Business, August 2019

  • School of Management, University of Bath, May 2018

  • Ross School of Business, Univ. of Michigan, October 2017

  • UCLA Anderson School of Management, October 2017

  • UC San Diego Rady School of Management, October 2017

  • University of Southern Denmark, September 2017

  • Carroll School of Management, Boston College, May 2017

  • Panelist, INFORMS TIMES Emerging Scholar Panel Session, November 2016

  • KAIST College of Business, November 2013

  • Lancaster University Management School, November 2013

  • Koc University, Faculty of Admin. Sci. and Economics, July 2013

  • Cambridge University, Judge Business School, April 2013

  • HEC Paris, April 2011

  • London Business School, February 2011

  • University College London, January 2010

  • George Washington University, December 2009

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