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Research Interests

  • Entrepreneurial Operations and Marketing

  • New Product Development and Innovations

  • Application of Artificial Intelligence and Business Analytics

  • Sustainability, ESG, and Social Impact of Businesses

  • Time Management


  • Tang, C., Y. Deng, W. Wang, O.S. Yoo. 2023. Can an E-commerce platform and its third party sellers benefit from each other's market entry? Forthcoming. Production and Operations Management

  • Tang, C. O.S. Yoo, D. Zhan. 2023. When should grocery stores adopt time-based pricing? Impact of competition and negative congestion externality. Production and Operations Management 32(9), 28052824. (link)

    • Featured in the Wall Street Journal, page R4, February 20, 2018

  • Deng, Y., C. Tang, W. Wang, O.S. Yoo. 2023. Can third-party sellers benefit from a platform's entry to the market? Articles in Advance, Service Science. (link)

  • Tang, C., O.S. Yoo, Y. Huang. 2022. Peak-hour pricing under negative externality: Impact of consumer flexibility and competitive asymmetry.  Service Science 15(2), 92—106. (link)

  • Yoo, O.S., D. Zhan. 2021. Economic behavior of information acquisition: Impact on peer grading in MOOCs. Operations Research 71(4), 12771297. (link)

  • Yoo, O.S., T. Huang, K. Arifoglu. 2021. A theoretical analysis of the Lean Startup product development process. Marketing Science 40(3), 395—412. (link)

  • Yoo, O.S., K. McCardle. 2020. The valuator’s curse: Decision analysis of overvaluation and disappointment in acquisition. Decision Analysis 17(4), 299—313. (link)

  • Vanneste, B., O.S. Yoo. 2020. Performance of trust-based governance. Journal of Organization Design 9 (1), 1—28. (link)

  • Huang, Y., B., Gokpinar, C. Tang, O.S. Yoo. 2018. Selling innovative products in the presence of externality. Production and Operations Management 27(7), 1236—1250. (link)

  • Yoo, O.S., R. Sarin. 2018. Consumer choice and market outcomes under ambiguity in product quality. Marketing Science 37(3), 445—468. (link)

  • Huang, Y., O.S. Yoo, B. Gokpinar. 2018. Time allocation in entrepreneurial selling: Impact of customer learning and incumbent reaction. IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management 65(4), 590—603. (link)

    • Special Issue on entrepreneurship: “Shortages of Resources, Routines, Reputations or Regulations: Threats or Opportunities for Tech Entrepreneurs.”

  • Kwon, H.D., O.S. Yoo. 2017. Retention of new capable employees under uncertainty: Impact of strategic interactions. IISE Transactions 49(10), 927—941. (link)

    • IISE 2019 Operations Engineering & Analytics Best Paper Award Honorable Mention

  • Yoo, O.S., G. Roels, C. Corbett. 2016. The time-money tradeoff for entrepreneurs: When to hire the first employee? Manufacturing & Service Operations Management 18(4), 559—569. (link)

  • Yoo, O.S., C. Corbett, G. Roels. 2016. Optimal time allocation for process improvement for growth-focused entrepreneurs. Manufacturing & Service Operations Management 18(3), 361—375. (link)

    • Finalist of 2009 MSOM Soc. Stud. Paper Competition, M&SOM 12(1), 184—187.

  • Caro, F., O.S. Yoo. 2010. Indexability of bandit problems with response delays. Probability in the Engineering and Information Sciences, 24(3), 349—374. (link)

Selected Working Papers

  • Spend analysis 4.0: Automating procurement practices using natural language processing and machine learning (with X. Li, V. Culmone, B. De Reyck). Under revision.

  • How entrepreneurial incentives and investor perceptions distort product development and funding of Lean Startups (with K. Sudhir, Z. Zhou). Under revision.


  • Innovate-UK/ESRC: Professional & Financial Services Data Access Innovation Lab: ESG

    • Selected for Phase 1 to participate in Innovation Lab (10 to 12 October 2023)

    • Selected for Phase 2 for Interview stage (23-25 January 2024)

  • UKRI Innovate-UK (Sustainable Innovation Fund for post-COVID economic recovery).

    • Principle investigator. Improving large-scale British procurement practices using analytics (project cost £165,541).  Oct. 2020-Jun. 2021.

    • Restructuring the Unstructured, Mind Shift, a UCL podcast about innovation: Series 2, Episode 4. (link): 

      • Discuss the UKRI funded research project that brings together research and practitioners to improve the supply chain through automation and machine learning. Through a newly developed algorithm, data can be effectively and accurately categorised down to the thousandth of suppliers to identify financial savings, carbon footprints and build supplier relationships. Discuss the findings of the project and how the algorithm is being used practically to improve the supply chain.

Book Chapters

  • Huang, Y., B., Gokpinar, C. Tang, O.S. Yoo. 2019. Selling innovative products to anxious consumers. 2019. Ray, S., Yin, S (eds.), Chapter 5 of Channel Strategies and Marketing Mix in a Connected World, Springer. (link)

Invited Talks

  • Bayes Business School, City University of London, March 2024

  • Johns Hopkins Carey Business School (virtual), April 2023

  • David Eccles School of Business, University of Utah, February 2023

  • McDonough School of Business, Georgetown University, October 2022

  • Robert H. Smith School of Business, Univ. of Maryland, October 2022

  • Scheller College of Business, Georgia Tech, October 2022

  • KAIST​ College of Business, August 2022

  • Panelist, Entrepreneurship Issues Forum, Kauffman Foundation, July 2020

  • SNU Business School, Seoul National University, August 2019

  • KAIST College of Business, August 2019

  • School of Management, University of Bath, May 2018

  • Ross School of Business, Univ. of Michigan, October 2017

  • UCLA Anderson School of Management, October 2017

  • UC San Diego Rady School of Management, October 2017

  • University of Southern Denmark, September 2017

  • Carroll School of Management, Boston College, May 2017

  • Panelist, INFORMS TIMES Emerging Scholar Panel Session, November 2016

  • KAIST College of Business, November 2013

  • Lancaster University Management School, November 2013

  • Koc University, Faculty of Admin. Sci. and Economics, July 2013

  • Cambridge University, Judge Business School, April 2013

  • HEC Paris, April 2011

  • London Business School, February 2011

  • University College London, January 2010

  • George Washington University, December 2009

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