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  • New Product Development, 2021- present

​A key capability in organisations in responding to a volatile and fast changing market is new product development. Firms that are able to bring a steady stream of timely and well-executed products (goods or services) to market are likely to enjoy long-term financial success. Designing products and bringing them to market, however, is not a straightforward process due to many inherent uncertainties. The course introduces tools and concepts for both linking product development to strategy and marketing, and for managing the development process for speed, efficiency, and market impact. The course focuses on new product innovation as a process and examines key steps (opportunity identification, design, testing, product launch) through which an initial idea is transformed into an actual product or service.​

  • Decision & Risk Analysis, 2021- present

Important business decisions cannot be left to intuition alone. We need to communicate the structure of our reasoning, defend it to adversarial challenges and make presentations that show we have done a thorough analysis. We also need to make sense out of various sources of data, organise the inputs of experts and colleagues, and use state-of-the-art tools to provide analytical support to our reasoning. To equip you to be more effective in these tasks is the objective of this course. The emphasis is not on the quantitative aspects, but on the qualitative insights that come from using models to aid managerial thinking and decision making.

MS level courses (MS in Management, MS in Business Analytics)

  • Decision & Risk Analysis, 2011– present

Undergraduate course

  • Decision Science 2018-2021

  • Business Analytics 2011-2012

Much of the business world is based on quantitative information, and most decision-making in business will require you to deal with numbers. This module introduces you to how to use statistics for basic business research and analysis. This module covers descriptive statistics and data types, probability and probability distributions, sampling and data collection, hypothesis testing, and simple linear regression with reference to real-world scenarios. This module will help you view a business problem from a data perspective, design a simple research project to obtain data, and analyse the data to support a business solution.

PhD level

  • Modelling in Operations Management 2012-2013

The module aims to provide the basic tools for conducting research in the field of operations management. It will also familiarize them with the emerging and recent research topics and methods in the field. They will develop key cognitive and intellectual skills in critically reflecting on research papers, and learn to question the assumptions made and assess the validity of the methods used.

Pedagogical Materials

Capdesk: Leading the Equity Revolution. (link)

  • This case study is currently adopted by UCL (MBA), Boston University (MBA), Seoul National University (EMBA, MBA) (translated to Korean by SNU).

Today, many significant innovations are carried out by entrepreneurial firms through their Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platforms. They have altered the startup eco-system and the innovation landscape.  We encounter the success stories of these firms, but their early stages and evolution is less known. This case chronicles the entrepreneurial journey of Christian Gabriel, CEO and founder of the equity management platform, Capdesk. By providing an in depth look at its early stages of idea inception to the phase of receiving venture funding and scaling, we learn about the unique features of SaaS platform start-up, its surrounding ecosystems, as well as the recurring theme of product development that involves many iterations. The decision to pivot is often intertwined with the need to raise funding, and we learn how equity investors play a significant role in transitioning a start-up to a scale-up, and eventually to an established firm.

[Please contact me if you want to adopt the case and/or want to see the accompanying teaching note.]

Student Supervision

  • Christopher M. Green, PhD (Georgia Tech), Spring 2023 (external dissertation advisor​​)

    • Placement: US Army, SFAB​

  • Viviana Culmone, PhD, Post-doctoral researcher, Oct 2020 – Sep 2022

    • Placement: Senior Risk Modeller, Moody’s Analytics

  • Hang Ren, PhD, Graduated Summer 2018 (with K. Arifoglu)

    • Placement: Assistant Professor, George Mason University, School of Business, USA 

  • Yufei Huang, PhD, Graduated Winter 2016 (with B. Gokpinar)

    • First Placement: Assistant Professor, University of Bath, School of Management, UK

    • Currently: Associate Professor, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

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